About Cycling Sorted

What is Cycling Sorted?

Cycling Sorted is a website project run by the Cycle Cambridge team to find out where you would like to make improvements to cycling facilities in Cambridge and the surrounding villages.

Whether it's new cycle parking, removing an obstruction along a cycle route or general improvements to your current cycle route, we would like to hear about them. Using the Suggest location pages you can pinpoint the location on the map, provide a brief description and upload a photo.

All request information is passed onto the Cycle Cambridge team based at Cambridgeshire County Council who review each one in detail and, where changes are approved, arrange for the improvements to be carried out.

To help track progress a reference number is allocated to each request. We will report on progress later via this website.

The Cycle Cambridge team do their best to carry out as many suggested improvements as possible. Due to constraints including resources, space and land ownership, we cannot guarantee that every request will be fulfilled.


The Cycling Sorted website has been created by CycleStreets, a not-for-profit company providing a UK-wide Cycle Journey Planner and photomap system.

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